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and Boulder City, Nevada
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About ADL Home Care

ADL Home Care was born out of the frustration of two healthcare professionals over the quality of home care services by mainstream providers for seniors and others who wanted to stay at home.

Gladys Perri has lived in Las Vegas since 1985 working at various medical facilities and home care agencies, learning with dismay that the bottom line, and not patient care, was too often the pivotal factor driving their management.

Frank Perri, himself a veteran quality assurance manager, had the point driven home when he had difficulty finding the special assistance needed by a member of his own family.

They decided to pool their talents — Frank's quality assurance skills and Gladys' experience on senior living issues — and do something about it. ADL Home Care was founded in 1999 with the mission of providing at-home assistance that puts the clients first and ensures them the highest quality of life that is achievable. Indeed, ADL's caregivers are pledged to give clients the same dignity and respect as they would a member of their own family.

ADL Home Care is wholly independent and locally operated, as contrasted with some franchise agencies that must follow the hidebound rules of the front office. At ADL, the client is the boss. Unlike some other services, for example, we don't dictate schedules (what time to get up, when to bathe, when to eat, when to shop, etc.). It is our job to adjust to the clients' schedules, and to see to it that they remain as comfortable and independent as possible.

5028 ALTA Drive,
Las Vegas, NV 89107
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